Pipe Owner Testimonials

What I wanted:  a substantial horn with excellent contrast in the grain and a sleek, organic shape.  Got it!

The pluses:

  • Incredible straight grain all over.
  • Terrific originality in the shaping, without losing my design wishes.  (Donald WILL be creative; you can’t stop him).
  • It shouldn’t, it doesn’t look like it will, but it sits beautifully.

Glorious presentation in a leather bag with ornamented tassels.  Everything was more than I bargained for.

Oh, and speaking of bargains, I can’t reveal the price.  It would make two people angry.  My wife, because, well, who spends more money on a pipe than on a pair of shoes?  And you, because, well, you have paid hundreds more for lesser pipes.

I have had the pleasure of meeting both Don and his family at their home in Winter Haven, Florida on several occasions. I was introduced to Don through the Tinder Box in Lakeland. Prior to my first visit to his home and work shop, I indicated that I was an avid pipe collector (over 300) and was interested in his work. I look for something a little different, that I like to refer to as “functional art”. Don showed me around his work shop and then showed me some of his work that was for sale. I fell in love and purchased two pipes that evening; Stingray #68 and Tornado Horn #60.

We also discussed having him make a custom pipe. After emails, phone calls and visits we came up with a design. It turned out to be a variation of a Rhodesian. Don called it the “Bull Frog”. It was featured on the News tab on his web site. The green color was Don’s wife’s idea and it worked out! I love the pipe! It has a fantastic look and feel and smokes great.

Since that time I have purchased two more of his pieces for my collection; Red Fish #62 and Natural Blond #70. I could not be more satisfied with the service, workmanship and professionalism that Don has shown me. He is truly a fine artist and craftsman, but more importantly a fine gentleman. I consider Don a good friend and would recommend you try one of his pipes. That’s all it will take and you will be hooked like me.

Mike Kevern

Donald of Kesling Pipes is pleasure to work with, and he has a gift for crafting a pipe. He keeps you informed on every step of the process with pictures and video. He is serious about you liking the end product and he will not disappoint, If you do business with him, in the end you will have a friend in the custom pipe business. There are pipe makers and there are pipe artist Donald is a pipe artist. I have quite a few pipes and my Kesling smokes and looks better than any other I own. Give him a chance to build your custom pipe, “you will not be disappointed.”
Chad Little

A passion for pipes and an artistic vision like none I have experienced before is what makes Don Kesling’s creations among the finest pieces in my collection. His attention to detail and engineering expertise produces aesthetic treasures and ensures smoking pleasure. Don Kesling is far and away the most promising North American pipe artist to come along in years.
Ray Barkley
President / CEO Barkley & Company dba/ The Board Room
29 5th Street N.W.
Winter Haven, FL 33881
P: 863-294-3012
F: 863-294-3024

Pipe TestimonialI attended the Chicago Pipe and Tobacciana Show in May 2009 at Phaesant Run in St. Charles, IL. I was really struck by the looks and craftsmanship of the pipes that Don Kesling had carved and had on display. Then, through talking to Don and his wife (Mitzi), I came to understand his passion for what he does and how much goes into the creation of each of his pipes. I selected and purchased one of his pipes. The wood graining and fit of this pipe is great. The bowl is carved to fit your hand comfortably. It has good smooth draw when smoking and is a real pleasure to sit and enjoy. I often take it out and just admire the texture and feel of the pipe and am always intrigued when I look at the stem curvature and the wood graining in the stem which entirely compliments the pipe. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy this pipe; but, am looking forward to see what new pipes he carves. Thanks very much Don and Mitzi for your creation and for putting so much into a true work of art for myself and others to enjoy.
Ken Menconi


It was great seeing you at the Chicago show. All your pipes looked awesome. It was hard to decide on which one I wanted to take home. While breaking her in I knew I had made the right choice. She smokes like a dream; I was very impressed with your meticulous attention to detail. I especially loved the lines of the pipe and the way it feels in my hand, you are truly talented! I feel I bought a very high end pipe for a working man’s price!
Smoke in Peace!
Sully Sullivan
Ambler, Pennsylvania.


I have been repairing and restoring pipes for many years. Over the years I have had some of the best pipes made, old and new. I have smoked many different kinds. I now own several Kesling Pipes, I enjoy them very much. Donald is one of the best for imaginative design and superior construction.
John Wittasek
Parma Hights, Ohio.


I have three Kesling pipes each one is an individual work of art in form on the highest order. I recommend his pipes and him as an artist to all my friends. Hands down the best investment in smoking pleasure I have made.
Mike Ingram
Winter Haven, FL